29 February, 2008

The National Chelsea Front

It may not come as a surprise to some readers that a minority of Chelsea fans don’t like Jews. Some might say it’s a little backwards for one of the biggest clubs in Europe to still project a traditional English Christian ideology, especially given everything a certain Jewish Russian billionaire has done for them lately.

Now though the club themselves have got in on the act, genuinely having the audacity to ban all their fans of Greek origin for next week’s Champions League return clash with Olympiakos. Blues fans with Greek-sounding names trying to order tickets through the official channels, have been blocked, with the website simply saying the following: ‘non-members of a Greek nationality have been banned.’ Chelsea claim the ban was imposed at an executive level after “large numbers”of Olympiakos fans were suspected of using their club’s website to try to buy tickets in with the Chelsea fans. Quite where this intelligence came from is unknown, but it does mean that literally anyone wishing to buy tickets for next Wednesday clash at Stamford Bridge must now head down to the ground in person and show picture ID to be considered for allocation.

On paper though this still has the potential to be one of the great match-ups of the year next week in West London. No, don’t be stupid, not on the pitch, but in the parks and under the bridges throughout the area. We are of course talking about Chelsea’s famous Headhunter hooligan firm facing off against perhaps the most feared in Europe; the Olympiakos Gate 7 crew. Both sets of ‘supporters’ are the stuff of legend, with stories going back more than 50 years of cement-filled newspapers and sharpened steel-toe-caps. I for one cannot wait, it’s just a shame that Sky will insist on showing the crap that takes place on the pitch instead of the flaming bins and prison shankings that we all would much rather watch.

This whole incident begs the question of just who is next in the Blues witchhunt though; I wonder how they feel about gays and blacks? Maybe STT should help them cook up excuses to ban them from going to future games as well? I hear that gay people are the opponents of god, and well its pretty obvious that everyone of African descent is a thieving slave, so perhaps they should all just be locked underground somewhere? It must be nice living in the 19th century; no diversity, no reality TV, and most attractively, the syphlitic wart that is Kerry Katona won’t be born for a good couple of hundred years yet…