28 February, 2008

Fisticuffs in the North West

Jamie Carragher was arrested on Tuesday and charged with common assault. It's not clear what happened, but Carragher has admitted to the charges and has been given a caution.

In his defense, Carragher didn't say this:

'Eeerm, cwa gioend hif sbcui out on the town with some mates, like. Den swa rigga heem twa all lairy and pissed. Jeer spa knocked his block off. Eeeerm.'
In other related news, the head of the Neville clan Neville Neville was involved in an scrap with another man in a car park. Neville was knocked to the ground by his assailant before the eldest of the litter, Gary, could come to his rescue.

UPDATE - More details have emerged about the incident and it all seems a bit stupid, really. A police source had this to say:
“To be honest, it was all a bit of handbags at dawn and nobody quite knows what kicked the whole situation off. There is a suggestion that Carragher knew the man and there was some ill feeling between them from the past.”