26 February, 2008

Like WAGs, but love Racism?

Well then STT might have found the girl for you! The Guardian reported over the weekend that Jadene Bircham, wife of current Yeovil superstar Marc, joined a Facebook group entitled ‘If you don’t like England then fuck off to where you come from!’ Sounds perfect right? While she waxes lyrical about all of ‘them’ stealing our jobs and raising crime-rates, you can just stare at her cans and use your mind to think about things

She claims she didn’t realize it was a racist group (seriously) and apparently the prevalence of Ku Klux Klan imagery and citation wasn’t enough of a clue for the former model. She offered this in her defence: “I didn’t bother having a good look at it,” while also maintaining that similar groups ‘Fuck off we’re full’ and ‘There’s no black in the Union Jack’ were just misunderstood too.

Perhaps we’re doing Mrs Bircham a disservice though, because she actually seems like an alright girl, despite her involvement with the televisual abortion that was WAGs Boutique. She has three kids which she actually looks after herself, and even runs her own modeling agency, Jam Management. To add further kudos, she got her big break on TV alongside everyone’s favourite strawberry blonde, Chris Evans, co-presenting 90s uber-hit Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush. She subsequently moved onto ITV’s Pulling Power where she met future husband Marc while he was still playing for QPR. He’s the guy who died his hair blue and white in the club’s colours, and when asked about it, Jadene had these words: “Well at least you didn’t have to shag it. It was like going to bed with a Smurf.”

So what’s her advice for getting off with a model? Simple: “Just get her pissed and hope for the best — that’s how Marc pulled me.” Waaaaaay ahead of you there love. It is a Tuesday after all.

Moral of the story here folks seems to be pretty obvious: it’s ok for a girl to be racist as long as she’s fit and into some kinky shit.