18 February, 2008

We are Officially Amazing!

You love us, you really love us! Tremendous pats-on-the-back all round as today the SoccerLens’ 2007 Blog winners were announced, and guess what? STT took home 3 Editor’s Choice awards! That’s right; nominated in 3 catagories, won 3 catagories!

We are also honored to have come 2nd in the Reader’s vote for ‘Best Blog Name,’ and 3rd in the Reader’s vote for both ‘Best New Blog’ and also ‘Best EPL Blog.’

Direct your gaze towards this link for the full rundown of winners, while see below for some spectacularly understated hyperbole about your favourite blog’s favourite blog:

“But the sheer quality of writing and insight on display at The Run Of Play and STT is amazing and a refreshing break from the tripe we are force-fed through our regular footy news channels (i.e. the ilk of BBC, Guardian and Sun)”

“As much as we like the idea of having our cultured left foot caught offside as the original winger in extra time with some people still on the pitch, it still doesn’t beat sniffing the touchline during the run of play sparking a pitch invasion.”

“(STT is) easily the best new blog started in 2007”

Huge congratulations all round then, and good work for SoccerLens putting this on. Thanks to everyone who reads us regularly and voted, and welcome to anyone who discovered us recently through the Award nominations. We’ll taking the afternoon off now to go celebrate by doing some coke off a stripper; if you fancy joining us, we’ll be in Secrets in Hammersmith for about the next, I don’t know, 36 hours maybe.....

STT's cheerleader hangers on get the party started. Credit to With Leather