20 February, 2008

Chelsea Fans are a Tolerant Bunch

What a country we live in. It has been revealed this morning that yesterday, in the build-up to Chelsea’s clash with Greek side Olympiakos in the Champions League, a package was sent to Avram Grant, via the club’s training ground in Cobham, full of anti-semitism, death threats and a white powder claiming to be deadly. While STT would normally applaud this attempt to re-enact a typical Friday night round Walt Disney’s old house, this is no laughing matter in the 21st century, and in supposedly one of the most forward-thinking nations on earth.

Despite subsequent tests to prove the substance was harmless, Police found a note reading “You are a back-stabbing Jewish bastard. When you open this letter you will die a very slow and painful death” inside the parcel, along with further sexual threats directed at Grant’s wife Tzofit (the Israeli answer to Ruby Wax), who incidently once drank her own urine live on TV. It has also shockingly come out that since joining the club earlier this year, Grant has been virtually bombarded with similar e-mails and letters from disgruntled fans, scared of losing their club to a co-called Jewish conspiracy headed up by uber-billionaire Roman Abramovich. One message printed in The Times today, recovered from both Grant and Abramovich, said the following:

I have been a Chelsea supporter since 1968. And Chelsea has always been a White, English, Christian football club in the land of St George. I would rather see Chelsea playing in the Isthmian league, than see you Jewish bastards ruin it with Russian, American and nasty Israeli terrorist Jews.”

It is seriously depressing that attitudes like this still exist in football, and of course in the country generally, so let’s hope that Police find whoever is behind this ridiculous campaign of hate and give them 100 hours community service.