22 February, 2008

Another WAGtastic Couple on the Rocks?

And this time it’s the originators of the whole movement, David Beckham and Posh Spice, at least that’s if you believe the American scandal mags this week. A close friend of Posh’s reportedly told the National Enquirer, among other sources, that:

“David is behaving. But word is he is getting impatient that his wife isn’t around and it’s this kind of emotional blackmail (a consistent in their marriage) that is pressuring her to cut the (Spice Girls) reunion early. Totally makes textbook sense. Painfully insecure, married to the world’s most desirable (and occasionally unfaithful) man, it’s easy to revere the soft-spoken super athlete husband and vilify his ostentatious wife, to label him the puppet and her the master when in reality, he probably controls her with his golden balls.”

Pure poetry there from an unnamed gal pal, thanks to Kickette there for the heads up.

So is there any truth to this rumour? Well it’s hard to say, but to be honest, both have much more to lose than to gain should the pair split. However, with a close friendship with Snoop Dogg blossoming, surely Becks would be the one to come out on top? Having had his tattoo sleeves almost now completed, he is at the peak of his sexuality, while what man in his right mind would ever go anywhere near the chemical-oozing orange plastic mess that is Victoria these days? Her body looks like two watermelons stuck on a surfboard, while her face bares more than a passing resemblance to a box of angry frogs.

Thinking all the way back to the first few posts on STT, you might remember a story we ran about Lindsay Lohan supposedly betting friends she could pull D. Beck by the end of 2007. Now apparently that never happened, but having seen Lohan’s ultra slutty shoot for this month’s New York magazine, he might well be now considering shopping the junior department, especially since she’s subsequently claimed she was ‘tricked’ into getting her norks out for the lads. If I could have one superpower it would be the ability to trick Lindsay into taking her clothes off. Hmm…