07 February, 2008

Cracking Keepie-Uppie

Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be playing the best football in the league by a country mile at the moment but madd skillz like his don’t just flare up (herpes-style) overnight. Both Cristiano’s broken English and Sir Alex Ferguson have told us recently that all this class is coming from the hours of practice that the Portuguese lothario puts in on the training pitch and the futsol court. Let that be a lesson to you kids; want to score crazy freekicks and round keepers for fun? Then practice, practice, practice. Oh, and try steroids if you’re not naturally very good. Anyway, libelous conjecture aside, it turns out that surprisingly Ronaldo isn't bad at juggling either. Peep this video below for football’s equivalent of a dick-measuring contest, as he shows off what he’s got in his locker to world-famous football free-styler Billy Wingrove.

The highlight of that video has to be the little flick Ronaldo does with the back of his knee. Still, he's got diddly squat on what these lads have going on:

An appropriate title for this video would be Capoeira meets Parkour meets Superman meets football. Maybe some parts have been digitally manipulated a little bit, but it's definitely worth it. Big props to the guy who agreed to have the ball kicked off his head William Tell stylee. The STT staff's array of stunts and tricks is comparable, but we still think that this chap might be a couple of teeth short of a full set if we'd taken part.