12 February, 2008

Girls are Better Without Clothes On

If like STT you prefer your women cheap and scantily clad then we have a real treat for you, especially with Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching this week. She doesn’t know it, but we have teamed up with our second favourite WAG, Abbey Clancy, to point you in the right direction for cut-price slutty underwear to ensure that at least one night a year you peel your bird’s clothes off to find something other than a vest and old boxer-shorts.

Yes we are pleased to announce that the future Mrs Crouch is now the, er, face of Matalan’s 2008 Lingerie campaign! For those unfamiliar with the Matalan chain, they are pretty scummy American-style superstores where you can buy literally everything from multi-pack crisps to school uniforms for your 8 kids to DVD players all under the same roof.

The press release excitedly tells me that this new lingerie range is “very cute, sexy and cheap, with sets from just £4!” As you can see from the below picture however, it’s not exactly executive, and in fact makes the normally heavenly Abbey look a bit ropey, but at the end of the day 4 squid is 4 squid. What did she expect, diamonds?!

Girls always bang on about it being the thought that counts anyway, so respond to any negative feedback with these words, taken straight from the mouth of our Ms Clancy: “They’re so cute and so cheap you could buy loads and wear one set every hour!” Sage advice as ever.