25 February, 2008

Please Give Footballers Booze More Often!

Hutton and King - after downing 7 bottles of Buckie


To celebrate winning the Carling Cup yesterday, Spurs players were encouraged by boss Juande Ramos to go out and enjoy themselves, and judging from these pictures they certainly did that! No, these were not taken after an all-day session playing Jeff Stelling’s Drinking Game, but rather at 2 am this morning outside London scumhole club Faces on Cranbrook Road

JJ - modelling the zombie look

Strict hardman Ramos joked yesterday: “I have had a drink with them in the dressing-room — even though you cannot tell. It’s quite a nice diet and sometimes they are allowed to have a good time. Sometimes it lets them eat and drink totally out of control — and yes, that includes champagne!”

Lennon - half the size, twice the fight

All in all, there’s no real content to this, it’s really just an excuse to post the below hilarious photo of Ledley King, it’s a big look!

Ledley fights to get to the bar for another round of nipple sambucas

SEXY UPDATE: Ledley actually got kicked out of the club and properly kicked off when he wasn't allowed back in. From STT's experience, bouncers are always happy to let you back into clubs once you've been kicked out. The old 'Mate, my wallet's in there' routine works every time. In Ledley's dreams.