01 February, 2008

Binocular football

Those crazy Japanese folks eh, they must truly have mescaline laced into their water supply. How else do you explain this???!!!

Click here if the above video doesn't want to work.

Every part of it is surreal, from the inability of anyone to actually stay on their feet, to the frankly bizarre individually coloured old prison jumpsuits they all wear! Eagle-eyed viewers out there might also recognize the presenter of the show this clip is taken from as a young Beat Takeshi, famous for playing the teacher in 2000’s classic Battle Royale, as well as for directing the superb Zatoichi movie.

Rumour has it the England football team actually trained like this during the Euro 2008 qualifiying campaign which might go at least some way to explaining the miserable performances. Anyway, if you are free next weekend and want to truly do some damage to yourselves, please drop us a line at the usual address and come take part in our DOOMSDAY SATURDAY. We shall be playing the Jeff Stelling drinking challenge between the hours of 3 – 5 and then celebrating afterwards with a 90 match of binocular football on a full size pitch. Anyone who’s sick or has to sit down is officially a girl. All we need now is a volunteer to be that weird bunny thing in the tuxedo…