30 April, 2008

What's all this Aboot then?

It’s a pretty well known fact within football that if Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger let a player leave their club, there is probably something wrong with them, whether it’s a recurring injury or the fact that they’re just a complete prick. The one man in the last five years that breaks this rule however is David Bentley, and you can guarantee that Wenger wishes he still had Bentley’s services, after a couple of seasons now where he has been about 20 times more effective than all of Arsenal’s wide-men combined.

Anyway, today we have had a hot tip from our thoroughly trustworthy friends over at The Spoiler concerning the true story behind Bentley’s bizarre departure from Highbury two years ago:

“When Bentley was at Arsenal, he kept putting in transfer requests which were rejected. He went on loan at Norwich, came back, and the same thing happened again.

By the summer of 2005, he was completely fed up, so had some special boots made. On one was written ‘English and proud,’ and the other, ‘So I’m never picked.’

The next morning at training, he called Arsene Wenger over and showed him.“The next day he was moved on to Blackburn.”

Every single bone in my body hopes this is what happened, because it’s an absolutely perfect way to flip Wenger the bird. It’s a scientific fact that he was actually born without a sense of humour, and with the stroppy strictness of a mid-40s private-school Headmistress who hasn’t got laid in two decades, he played to form and pointed straight to the door. One can only imagine the size of the smile that brought to Bentley’s face.


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