25 April, 2008

The Rich Get Richer

This week has seen the publication of two very important annual lists: one sexy, and the other not so much really. Unfortunately for you though, it’s difficult to really weave a football-related story around the FHM100 Sexiest Women (trust me; I only got about 30 words in over an hour) so you’ll have to just check it out for yourself without our usually insightful commentary. The release of Britain’s Rich List on the other hand is yet another display of the escalating wealth of our country’s footballers, with the Beckhams’ in particular sitting on a quite depressingly large pot of gold.

Their fortune has reportedly sky-rocketed by £13million in the last year alone, taking their collective net worth up to £125m, and making them the 616th richest Brits in any (legal) industry. Unsurprisingly their recent move to the States has seen the coffers truly open, with D. Beck’s endorsements and sponsorships adding to his already ludicrous wage from the LA Galaxy. Posh on the other hand has really contributed too, supposedly re-inventing herself as an ‘actress’ and ‘fashion designer,’ presumably in the same way she was previously a ‘singer’ and a ‘quantum physicist.’ To put their fortune in perspective then, other loaded British couples on the list include Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, whose bank balance reads £185m, Madonna and Guy Ritchie, whose combined wealth is reportedly £300m, and The Osbournes, with £110m. Fellow football pair Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin also make the cut as the richest celebrity couple aged under 30 with £35m, the same amount apparently held by Princes William and Harry in their trust funds.

Thelondonpaper however also published figures for the richest players based in the Capital, and just for the record, seven of the top ten are Chelsea players, each sitting on a rainy-day-find of more than £10m. ‘Super’ Frank Lampard heads the list, having made some shrewd property investments and sponsorship deals on top of his wages, to help amass a net worth of £19m. Does being able to literally swim in money (like childhood hero Scrooge McDuck) help ease the pain of potentially another trophy-less season for the Blues superstars? I should think it probably goes quite a long way, yes.

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