07 April, 2008

Nice Berbles

Not wanting to sound cynical, but it isn’t often that genuinely class footballers get exposed for cheating behind their girlfriends’ backs, or in fact giving us any good tittle-tattle whatsoever to build a conjecturous web of lies around. This is why the following accusations of Dimitar Berbatov should perhaps be taken with a pinch of salt. Also, his casual (to say the least) playing style makes us at STT think he would struggle to maintain the energy to satisfy one Eastern-European woman, let alone two; if Hostel taught us anything, it’s that ladies from that part of the world are feisty to say the least. In conclusion, we are definitely not jealous that he’s been linked with this three-finger hottie.

Berbs is currently engaged to long-term girlfriend Elena Shtilianov, but stunning Playboy model Daniela Arnaut this weekend claimed that over the last two years they have been having an affair behind Ms Shtilianov’s back. Arnaut seems basically perfect: keen to be topless whenever possible, a former ‘exotic’ dancer and with limited grasp of English, but is there actually any truth to these rumours? She claims that at the time the affair started, she kept everything under wraps due to an ongoing relationship herself with Bulgarian pop-star Krum, but with nothing but her word to go on, it’s hard to work out if anything really happened.

Arnaut poured her heart out to The Sun today: “I was in love with him. He made me feel like a princess. He’s well mannered and a real gentleman. We had a unique relationship. Then he cut off contact without any reason, it was really hard for me.” Unsurprisingly, Berbatov has refused to comment on her claims and is keen to maintain the press embargo that has so far left much of his private life shrouded in mystery. Little is known about the mysterious Ms Shtilianov either, with even the mighty Google unable to provide a photograph of the supposed Bulgarian model, so what are we to conclude? Is there some kind of weird schizophrenic cross-dressing going on here, where Berbatov dons women’s clothes in the evening and dates himself? Probably not, but at some point or another we’ve all been there right? Right????