16 April, 2008

Cheryl Goes it Alone in More Ways than One

Over the last year or so, Girls Aloud have kind of imploded, with Irish sex-kitten Nadine telling anyone who’ll listen that she wants out of the group to pursue a somewhat ill-conceived acting career. Walking lingerie mannequin Sarah Harding has also been keen to go her own way, reportedly cutting demos last year with Faithless legend Rollo, while Cheryl has obviously been embroiled in a very public soap opera with estranged husband Ashley Cole. Er, not sure about the other two but presumably they will be back stacking shelves in Tescos pretty soon.

Now though it seems that Ms Tweedy too is prepared to embark on a solo career, buoyed on by the success of her guest appearance in Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.I.Am’s recent single. Cheryl has hooked up with British producer T2, who hit chart success last year with garage throwback tune Heartbroken, and has a big following within the football community apparently. The tune itself was 2-step-by-numbers, but he managed to attract Micah Richards and Anton Ferdinand to appear in the video, and get this for endorsement, word is that David Beckham even has it as his ringtone! Cool!

T2 is in real demand at the moment, working with such luminaries as Kelly Rowland and Natasha Beddingfield, but Cheryl is keen to have this new urban heavyweight mastermind her reinvention as a ‘serious’ artist. A gal pal told The Sun today: “Cheryl and T2 have been in discussions about her solo material. He is the man of the moment, with a lot of pop acts clamouring for his expertise on collaborations.” It’s kind of hard to imagine Cheryl laying down a garage track, despite her street credibility of fighting and wearing trucker caps, but whatever the musical outcome, let’s all hope for a slutty video at the very least, hopefully involving booty grinding and an impromptu pillow fight.

It could well be one to enjoy with the sound off, so for a considerably better garage fix, STT recommends you check out Burial. The man is the realness.


Anonymous said...

Nice call on Burial, Untrue is an awesome album, but to be pedantic, he's dubstep, not garage.

Mello said...

Anonymous is correct - Burial, though fantastic, is dubstep. For some real garage, check out what Sinden & The Count of Monte Cristal (AKA Herve) are doing.

Anonymous said...

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