14 January, 2008

The Liquid Football Tournament

During January February and March, Liquid Football is hosting a rather novel tournament, where blogs pick teams and compete on the level playing surface that is Pro Evo 2008. A total of 10 teams are in contention, with the ultimate prize of .... erm .... 50 notes and blogosphere-wide recognition.

STT's very own heroes, the Touchline Sniffers are one of teams competing for this highly coveted prize. Using a revolutionary 3-4-3 formation, with wingback and wing forwards, the Sniffers were cruelly defeated by 3 offside goals to nil in their first game, but absolutely raped the upstart Arseblog team 3-1 this week, with Juninho the man of the match. Click here to see the rest of this week's results.

Big props go to Andy Glover for creating this tournament and for choosing to name his blog after the best football quote in the world, which came from a pre-KMKY Alan Partridge: