22 January, 2008

Libertine Liberation

Now Pete Doherty gets a lot of bad press, mainly because he’s covered in drugs and models 24/7, but he also has a more utilitarian side and is apparently in line to help save struggling German side KFC Uerdingen. The 4th division outfit are currently battling administration having built up a debt of €250,000, even resorting to eBay auctions in an attempt to free themselves from the taxman’s icey grasp.

Word on the street is that a young Doherty grew up on a military base not far from the club, and developed a liking for KFC (no not the chicken, please keep up) who were at the time not a bad little firm, enjoying both relative Bundesliga success and also a semi-final run in what is now the UEFA Cup. Yesterday Doherty’s manager / drug mule Adrian Hunter had the following words for the newspapers and STT:

“I know he has some affection for the club and he would be happy to do something if he has time.”

Cynics might say that if your only hope of salvation is Pete Doherty then maybe the nails are already in the coffin and its time to cut your losses, however the Babyshambles frontman is an avid football fan. Despite supporting QPR, the rocker has a passion for good football, and I’m sure wouldn’t mind adding another string to his bow.

In other Doherty-related news, the star is currently in training for this year’s London Marathon, along with new squeeze Portia Freeman, but has resorted to wearing his missus’ bras to provide comfort for his painfully sore nipples. You can’t make this stuff up.

Friends have commented that all this running is “a much better obsession” than drugs, but STT would argue that they’ve clearly never tried smack.