18 January, 2008

Dream Come True

Here’s a lesson to all the kids out there. Sometimes when you just wish for something hard enough, it can become a reality. A little while ago we speculated that David Beckham and new best friend Snoop Dogg might well be entering the studio to produce a rap duo, and while at the time that was ideal speculation, it now seems there might be some truth in it. Recently speaking to the Metro, Snoop himself confirmed that Becks plans a movie role and also a possible rap single to help raise his profile in the US!

STT for one wants to encourage this move as much as humanly possible, and suggests perhaps a remake of N.W.A classic Gangsta Gangsta as Becks’ first single, ideally rapping Ice Cube’s original verse in the weird pseudo-baby voice of his. “If he wants to do something musically with me, he's welcome” Snoop confirmed yesterday.

Check here for the first collaboration between the two, with Becks recently appearing on Snoop’s recently started reality TV show, the cleverly named Father Hood. You know, like, he’s a father, but he’s also from the hood, get me. It’s pretty embarrassing for all concerned, with Snoop calling Beckham “D Beck” and also saying his football skills are “tight.” Dear God Snoop’s kids look bored, someone get them a X-Box 360:

At the end of the day though, ego-massaging aside, their hearts are both in the right place as they also plan to use their fame to promote sports in innercity crime-ridden areas of Los Angeles. The campaign, which launches this month, aims to encourage youths tempted by gang lifestyles to instead consider turning to football, or American football, as an alternative. Not wanting to set the bar too high though, Snoop said “I hope this proves I do other things than go to jail, smoke weed and go back to jail.” Baby steps eh Snoop?