18 July, 2008


You can kind of understand why people might aspire to look like someone such as David Beckham. He’s pretty handsome I guess, really quite successful, incredibly rich, plus the chicks dig him. Living vicariously through D. Beck as his professional look-a-like probably wouldn’t be the worst life to be honest. Quite why you’d aspire to be a Sven Goran Eriksson look-a-like though is beyond me. Sure he’s been pretty successful in the past but his last five years haven’t exactly been ideal have they?

This makes me suspect that professional ‘Sven-a-like’ Derek Williams is a pretty weird bloke really, but he clearly thinks he has a pretty keen sense of humour. You see, the aging cad yesterday tricked an unwitting Mexican football club into thinking he was in fact their new national coach, giving him a tour of the stadium and even access to a training session. The Mexican football federation has subsequently warned clubs to be on their guard after Mr. Williams talked his way into Club Universidad Nacional's stadium with falsified documents which appeared to have come from the Mexican football federation.

The federation later released a statement saying that he was a double: “At the moment the real Eriksson is in the United States. The person claiming to be him is only a look-a-like. This shows a complete lack of respect.” Only a look-a-like? ONLY A LOOK-A-LIKE???!!! Now that shows a complete lack of respect! Universidad Nacional's coach, Ricardo Ferretti, clearly got the joke though, chuckling to the BBC: “To be honest I was quite amused. The fake Eriksson told me that he was watching my players ahead of his next call-ups, and I believed him!”

Should you need cheering up after, say, life-saving surgery or just want a good laugh at a stag-do, visit Derek’s very professional website. Certainly quite delusional, Williams describes his Sven-a-like persona as: “An enigmatic man of mystery…women swoon and fight for his attention, men admire and are amazed by his achievements on and off the pitch.” He reserves the true modesty for himself however: “(I am) the UK’s no. 1 look-a-like / sound-a-like celebrity double, virtually indistinguishable from ‘the real thing’ but even more surprising, charming and entertaining.” Jese Derek, with that kind of hyperbole you could maybe get a job on our writing staff should the look-a-liking gig not pay off! To book the so-called “complete entertainment package” for yourself, give him a buzz on 07941 743658, and just tell him what a “natural comedian” you think he is to get a discount.

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