14 July, 2008

Sir Harry of Redknapp

Harry Redknapp has had a successful few years down on the South Coast, saving Pompey from relegation, before establishing them as a serious top-half force and winning the club's first piece of silverware since 1939. Even though significant numbers of Portsmouth fans still haven't forgiven him for leaving the club and joining rivals Southampton, 2,000 supporters have signed a petition to get Redknapp the most sought after gong there is - a KBE. Redknapp has had a turbulent year despite all the success, as his home was raided at the crack of dawn by the Scotland Yard filth, looking for evidence into the corruption case that also saw Portsmouth and Newcastle headquarters raided. Harry wasn't at home when the rozzers kicked his door down, but his wife Sandra reportedly made them all a cup of tea before telling them to sling their hook. This happened soon after Redknapp was linked with the England job and was a major reason why he didn't become the national boss.

It's debatable whether Redknapp deserves to join the elite club of footballing knights, which includes Sirs Alex Ferguson, Bobby Robson, Stanley Matthews and Pele. That's right - Pele was given and honourary knighthood in 1997, but there has been no such award for fellow foreign legends Maradonna or Beckenbauer. Other recipients come from the worlds of refereeing and administration, such as Sir Bert Millichip and Sir Trevor Brooking, who was a very tidy player before he swapped his boots for an FA blazer.

Apparently, if the petition is successful, the nominations form will go to an honours team, then a sub-committee of senior civil servants and experts before going to the cabinet secretary who submits the list to the prime minister. The list then goes to the Queen, who gets about the business of knighting the lucky few with an oversized butterknife. If Redknapp gets this treatment, it would come as quite a shock, as there are a number of ex-players and managers who deserve such an award more. Will we see Sir Harry Redknapp in the Queen's list next year? You're more likely to see Sir Del Boy. Oh........

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