29 July, 2008

Watch Out Minorities, He’s Back on the Streets

Ok I’ll admit it up front that it’s gonna be hard to write this piece without it descending into a rant about the current state of British ‘justice’ and the moral bankruptcy of football, but I shall try my best. You see, STT anti-Christ Joey Barton was yesterday released from jail after serving less than half of his prescribed sentence, and guess who’s prepared to welcome him back to Premier League football with open arms? Yes, professional penis Kevin Keegan apparently sees no problem in handing the brain-dead thug another chance to prove he isn’t just a complete shit.

To show just how, I guess ‘unfair’ is the right word, life is, The Sun have dug up Jaime Tandy, the ex-Man City youth-team player who had a cigar delightfully put out in his eye by the heinous little prick at a club party four years ago. He was then sensitively booted out of the club by then-boss Keegan months after the incident, and drifted into non-league football. Now 23, Jaime supplements his modest pay from Bradford Park Avenue by working as an industrial window cleaner. Now also a dad of two, he offered this sob-story: “I couldn’t believe it when I heard what Keegan had come out with. He says he’s going to give Barton another chance – but how many chances does he need? Keegan didn’t give me another chance. I was out the door at City the first chance he got. Yet he’s prepared to bend over backwards for Barton.”

Barton served just 74 days for beating up a teenager outside a Liverpool diner, but was also given a four-month term, suspended for two years, for attacking ex-City teammate Ousmane Dabo. He is expected back at Newcastle’s training ground this week, but how many more chances is he going to get in this strangely charmed life he punches and spits his way through? Surely other people can see that he is literally the lowest of the low, and just isn’t even that decent a player! Can someone please just hit him with their car? Thanks, that’d be great.

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