14 August, 2007

Mascot of the Week

Name – Pottermus
Affiliation – Stoke City F.C.
Animal – Hippo
Colour – Turquoise
Level of ridiculousness – 8
Most common missile pelted with - Coins

You might wonder why we at STT have chosen a relatively obscure mascot to crown as our first Mascot of the Week, but those with their ear to the street will already know: the mighty Pottermus was the run-away winner of this year’s ‘Football Furlong’ mascot race, which took place this year at Haydock Park in July.

Completing a punishing course of bouncy castle hurdles, the Potteries-based hippo cruised to victory, beating out a strong field including Hartlepool’s hotly tipped H’angus the Monkey. However, in an unforeseen show of dominance from Stoke City, second place was further claimed by Pottermus’ better half, Pottermiss, romping home to take the silver in a photo finish. See the dramatic events for yourself here-

To say that Pottermus was selected purely for his speed would be to do him a great disservice though, as researching the 7’6” blue hippo has unveiled so much more to his personality than just racing. Born with a great social conscience, Pottermus has taken part in several schemes up in Stoke-on-Trent to help make kids more aware of road safety issues, encouraging such activities as protecting a teddy bear with a seat belt, holding hands and making traffic light biscuits. So far over 10 parents have taken their kids along to these excellent seminars.

He does far more than that amateur Keegan. The murderous bastard.

In case you were wondering how to get involved yourself, the Pottermus’s are indeed available for private hire; an hour with either Pottermus or Pottermiss will cost you just 50 squid, and includes a free Stoke City football. At those kind of prices who needs to go to Amsterdam eh?

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