21 August, 2007

Big love at the U-17 World Cup

I was unaware of the Under-17 world Cup taking place in South Korea, until I read that USA was beaten by the might of Tajikstan, much to the dismay of the American author. This tournament does not appear to be a great showcase for future talent, although the highest goalscorer in previous tournaments has been Fabregas in 2003 and Anderson in 2005.

'Who gives a shit?' I hear you ask. Well, it turns out that a tournament solely populated with players born in the 1990s can get a little immature at times. Enjoy this highlight from the recent Peru vs. South Korea game:

I'm not too good at Asian languages. I'm only guessing it's Japanese, because one of the commentators says 'Hi!' in response to what sounds like a question. Whatever the language, their change in tone is unmistakeable when they realise that our Peruvian nino is taking the slitty-eyed piss. That's what you get when you cross Claudio Pizzarro with Lee Bowyer - racism and poor heading ability in one.