19 August, 2007

Old-school world 11

We asked you a couple of weeks ago to submit your all-time world 11. Here is one of our more 'seasoned' reader's choices. See if you can work out what team he supports. It's well cryptic.

Gordon Banks, England - Who else. He's just the best there ever has been in his position and he an ex-Stoke player too. Remember the save from Pele in 1970; the save from Geoff Hurst's penalty in the 1972 League Cup semi-final was better.

Paolo Maldini, Italy - Paolo of course! Total professional an ex-captain of Italy. Total class, 8 Champions League finals and 126 caps for Italy gets you respect.

Franz Beckenbauer, Germany - 'Der Kaiser' was an amazing leader on the field. He swept forward from defence and was a great passer of the ball and had fantastic vision for a pass.

Bobby Moore, England - Cool as ice in defence, a great marker and reader of the game. Bobby was the consumate player of his time and was equal to the best forwards in the game at that time. He also did his part for the world of booze promotion and reminded us to look in at the local.

Stanley Matthews, England - The true entertainer in his day and another ex-Stoke player. Beat full-backs for fun and then beat them again and those were the days when they could really tackle hard from any side. Turned the 1953 Cup Final on its head. A true model pro who looked after himself and played his last competitive game at age 50. I was there!

Michel Platini, France - This guy had everything. It's difficult to imagine the current Chairman of FIFA in his heyday but he could seriously play.

Zinedine Zidane, France - He is simply the best creative midfield player in the last 20 years, since Platini in fact. He could pass, shoot, head, he had vision and was strong enough to withstand the physical side. He was soooo good in his prime. The Ferrari Enzo of footballers.

Alan Hudson, England - Huddy won only 2 full caps in the days when there was a wealth of creative midfield talent in England. At his best he was superb and he was simply unplayable when he wanted to be. In todays market he would be worth more than Ballack and Shevchenko put together. Another ex-Stoke player ...follow the theme?

Johan Cruyff , Holland - Don't get the father confused with son Jordi ex-Man Utd. Dad was the real deal, the complete footballer. Check the original Cruyff turn on video. Great goalscorer from any position and he could pass too. Won two European Cups with Ajax and around 50 caps and 30+ goals for Holland.

Ferenc Puskas, Hungary - Small fat man who looked like a Toby Jug but was a ballet dancer on the field. Played for the great Real Madrid team of the 1960s which won 5 European Cups. See him in action for yourself.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Brazil - Simply PELE. He was the best; 92 caps and 77 goals for Brazil. Played in 4 World Cups, the first in Sweden when he was 17. The game has changed but this guy would have been the best even in the modern game. Slightly harmed his street-cred with those ads for erectile disfuntion.

Ruud Gullit, Holland; Midfield/Forward
Ronaldo, Brazil; Forward
Marco Van Basten, Holland; Forward
Carlos Alberto, Brazil ; Defender
Dino Zoff, Italy; Goalkeeper

Cheers Rob! All other submissions to sniffingtt@hotmail.com

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