21 August, 2007

Championship England 11

With yet another pointless set of midweek international friendlies almost upon us,
what comes with it is the usual tirade of abuse from Premier League managers,
criticising the England Head Coach for risking their valuable players for what
amounts to nothing more than a casual kickaround.
Not wanting to sound cynical, but was perhaps the thought of 90,000 punters
shelling out for £4.50 pints/pies and £10 programmes, on top of actual ticket
prices, too much for The F.A. to resist?
Anyways, finger pointing aside, STT has come up with a solution to the player
problem, and simply suggests a blended McDonalds extra value meal in one
hip-flask and pure ethanol (available from basically any school science store-room)
in another, as a way to get round the extortionate amenity prices:
Why not field an England team drawn exclusively from The Championship, a.k.a
The Real League? This would save the ‘priceless’ Premier League players from a
fourth game in ten days, and let's face it, given the already make-shift squad chosen
and lack of any real significance, they probably wouldn't do any worse. Here then is
STT selection, and for the record it was actually harder than you might think...
Steve Simonson (Stoke City)
Jon Otsemobor (Norwich City), Danny Higginbotham (Stoke City), Leigh Bromby
(Sheffield United)
Michael Kightly (Wolves), Kevin Nicholls (Preston North End), Stephen Clemence
(Leicester City), Rohan Ricketts (Barnsley), Michael Tonge (Sheffield United)
Jamie Cureton (Norwich City), DJ Campbell (Leicester City)
Non-playing Captain:
Teddy ‘the first 10 yards are in his head’ Sheringham

Have we missed out your club’s shining star? Have we picked a absolute clown
shoe? Is McDonalds not the best fast food to blend and subsequently drink??
As always, submit your comments, suggestions and abuse below…