31 October, 2007

Streaking in Russia takes Dedication. But Streaking Everwhere All The Time Takes Cojones

Everyone knows that Russia is very cold in winter. Apart from these brave ladies, who decided to brave the sub-zero temperatures to get a bit close and personal with their fave footballists.

Go to English Russia for greater number pictures. Is nice!

Even though these girls are wearing what appear to be scary masks, as well as tights, scarves and pants, their brazen cheek is still appreciated here. Still, they have a long way to go before they contemplate breathing the same air as the world's greatest streaker - Mark Roberts.

Mark has streaked at countless football matches, including 'el Classico'. You will know his pasty backside from events such as Wimbledon and the Master's snooker, but he's sadly no relation that blonde one who streaked past Ronnie O'Sullivan recently. STT witnessed his crazy naked running about antics at Wembley Stadium this weekend and we applaud a man who can do this many pressups:

Legend. He has been dubbed 'superbowel' after a similar performance, but we all know that nickname would be more appropriate for Spurs players after a particularly tepid lasagne.