01 October, 2007

David Nugent Can't Score With The Ladies Either

Big thanks to theOffside for bringing this story to my attention. It turns out that Davey boy has been texting pictures of his naked body to unsuspecting 19 year olds. The mistake he made was assuming she was interested in him and wouldn't forward it to all her mates and various blogs.

Sadly, Nugent's nickname in the Portsmouth dressing room is unlikely to be 'le Grand Saucisse' anytime soon, as his dressing room physique is more akin to Maradona's than Patrick Viera's. This isn't going to help his goalscoring confidence, either, as he saw 3000 goals fly in during his 15 minutes on the pitch on Saturday and had nothing to do with any of them.

A loan spell in League 1 and an internet dating advert beckons methinks.