17 October, 2007

Jose's Brains and Valid Points

Here are a couple of the least surprising facts ever. Firstly, Jose Mourinho has a book almost finished where he talks about his career up until his recent departure from Chelsea, and secondly, the club’s executive management and fans don’t come off too well in it.

Now J-to-the-Ose is saying what everyone else has been thinking for the past few years about Chelsea fans and I guess his comments are symptomatic of the way football in this country has headed over the last decade or so. The game, especially in the Premier League, is no longer for your average working class bloke to take his son along to because nine times out of ten he simply can’t afford it anymore. When you think of the price of two tickets, plus transport and ‘refreshments,’ we’re talking basically a 100 squid afternoon.

Anyway, enough soap-boxing, read what your girlfriend’s favourite man over 40 said for yourself:

“ And there’s a common denominator among them all – they’re foreigners, which fits in with the general profile of the fan of the club. Whoever is a foreigner and leads a life above the means of the average citizen is a fan of Chelsea because Chelsea have the most expensive tickets, the most expensive meals, their social life around the game is more important than that of other clubs.
“Because they have that spending power, the Chelsea fan is more ‘society’ and, of course, that’s reflected in the stadium, with the support they give the team.
" It's a soft sort of fan who doesn't get behind the team a lot....... they create a different atmosphere because a lot of our fans also go to the opera, the theatre, other types of shows that don't lend themselves to lots of shouting. That's the Chelsea fan. That's why Chelsea have some difficulty in asserting themselves as a great club of English football.
"The Chelsea fan, he's the suit & tie fan...with economic power, almost the antithesis of the fan in England, if you like, of low social status, the fan who has difficulty with coping with ticket prices, the fan who has a long history of support for the club. So we're not talking about West Ham or Arsenal.”