19 October, 2007

Good Old Fashioned Family Racism

What a great code of ethics football in this country has. Just a month after convicted criminal and professional scumbag Lee Hughes was snapped up straight from his prison team to join Oldham Athletic, now Ron Atkinson has been brought back into football management after languishing on low-rent digital TV for the past few years.

‘Big’ Ron will be unveiled this weekend as part of the new management team at sleeping giants Halesowen Town, the non-league football club said today.

The Yeltz finally broke their silence on the rumours, with director Mark Serrell claiming the former Albion and Villa manager will be unveiled at a press conference before Saturday’s match at home to Brackley.

To re-iterate, Mr Serrell said: “Ron Atkinson will be coming to the club. There were meetings last night and it was confirmed this morning. We will be unveiling him at a Press conference on Saturday.”

Ron will be pleased to learn that out of the club’s 22 registered first team players, 20 are English through and through, meaning that there’s very little chance he’ll have to go through the charade of finding excuses to ‘let go’ anyone ethnic. Remember folks, there’s no black in the Union Jack.