15 October, 2007

Gary Neville is a Friendly Chap

This video has been doing the rounds this week, so in the absence of any truly exciting football to report, we present you with a clip of Gary Neville acting like a total cockstand.

He is initially very scared by the affable Dane's tap on the shoulder, then refuses the handshake like he's got a palm full of snot. Why? Is it because big Pete shouted at him one time too many? Is it because he's trying to woo Veron with his hard-nosedness? No. It's because of this:

Neville Neville's firstborn lies awake at night, dreaming of scoring goals like this.

Congrats to England, Ireland and Scotland for decent results at the weekend. Apologies to anyone who was watching S4C on Saturday night. That was the sort of night European minnows dream of.