04 October, 2007

Dida Has a Very Poor Grip on Reality

During Celtic's win over Milan last night, some people may have noticed a fan run on the pitch to celebrate the winning goal and give Dida a little tap about the chops. Here it is:

Although Charlie Nicolas is all dour doom and gloom, UEFA seriously need to chillax about this. He's just a wee jakey having a laugh and he didn't intend to hurt the big Brazilian. If he did, he would have sliced his throat with a big knife in true Weegie fashion. Dida's initial reaction is all rrrrrevenge!!!!, but he soon realises that it's best to play the wimp. I wonder what he'd do if you trod on his toe in the pub? Go down holding his face, I suppose.

Besides, it could be much worse. He could have pierced his foot on a spike. Or he could have been hit by a red hot flare!

The omens are not good for Celtic, however. When the above happened at a Champion's League edition of the Milan derby, Inter were fined a fat wad of cash and banned forced to play their next 4 European games behind closed doors. Something tells me they'll need to do more than that to keep Bhoys fans out ...........