16 October, 2007

David James Wants you to Save the Planet

DJ had to plant 10,000 trees to offset the damage done to the environment by his hair products

Monday was Blog Action Day on the Interwebs, where millions of blogs across the world were encouraged to promote sustainable living. We do love the planet at STT, for it gives us grass to kick balls about on, rain to liven up the most boring of Conference North games and sunshine to dry little children's tears when Liverpool inevitably get dumped out of the Champions League in a penalty shootout.

DJ is a firm believer in all things environmentally friendly and is a truly modern man in a world where Craig Bellamy plies his trade. Brave chap. The latest bit of grit in James's organically sourced porridge is the toilet situation at Stamford Bridge, which waste amazing amounts of water. He goes on to assure readers that the Portsmouth players regularly share baths and insists that he has managed to get Glen Johnson to cut down the number of cars he sets on fire per day from 17 to a paltry 2. Apparently the amount of energy saved by DJ's actions could power Alexandre Gaydamak's robot lawyers for a fortnight!