09 November, 2007

Jose The Big Bad Playground Bully

Jose before his bullying days

If all the Premiership managers from the past few seasons were all in the playground at school together, there would be a few certainties. Big Sam and Harry Redknapp would be gambling and smoking tabs behind the bike sheds, while Roy Keane administered a vicious bog-flushing to the nerdy Arsene Wenger. Martin Jol would be the class clown and Bobby Robson would be the guy that everyone liked. Aidy 'sicknote' Bothroyd and Glenn 'cancer head' Roeder would be picked last for the kickaround, while Graeme Souness would constantly be in lunchtime detention for his dour and surly attitude.

Keano might not have been the biggest bully, however. Fergie would run the playground like it was his manor, occasionally inviting the other child managers into his office in the scout hut, to drink vintage fizzy pop and recruit them to his gang. Jose Mourinho would be the nastiest piece of work there, pontificating to anyone and everything, occasionally scrapping with boys big and small. Now a 44 year old man, it seems that Mourinho still has the vengeful vitriol of youth, as he proceeded to accost a 12 year old lad after the child had a disagreement with Jose's daughter:

The self-proclaimed 'Special One' flew into a rage when his 11-year-old daughter told him about playground jibes that he was not "the best", it has been revealed.

He found the culprit, a 12-year-old schoolboy, and held him by the hair while he "pulled" his ears, the Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha reported.

Mr Mourinho, 44, was then summoned before the headmistress and made to formally apologise to his tearful victim and his family.

Read the full story, as told by the Evening Standard, which has at least 3 reporters stalking Mourinho at all times. From the sounds of things, the kid probably deserved it. At the time of press, there are unconfirmed rumours that he said Jose's haircut was 'well gay'.