02 November, 2007

Kruger Park Champions League

The video that you are about to watch has won numerous awards for being the most awesomest on the web. It involves both herbivores and meat-eaters being incredibly violent and bloody minded, either out of self-interested hunger, or herd mentality.

The question that arise from this 3-way encounter is: who won? Well, STT reckon that both the lions and the buffalo put up valiant performances home and away, while the crafty crocodile was too pussy to turn up to either of its away legs.

Here are the classified results:

Lions (at home) 3 - Buffalo 0

Crocodile (at home) 3 - Lions 3

Crocodile (at home) 0 - Buffalo 0

Buffalo (at home) 8 - Lions 0

(Both Crocodile away legs cancelled, so lions and buffalo win those matches 3-0)

And the final league table looks like this:

Played Win Draw Lose Agg. Points
Buffalo 4 2 1 1 8 7
Lions 4 1 2 1 -2 5
Crocodile 4 0 2 2 -6 2

Don't forget to come back next week, when we will be scoring a 3-way clash from the Serengeti, featuring feces throwing monkeys, leopards and elephants.