29 November, 2007

Harry in the Slammer

Harry Redknapp was arrested yesterday, in connection with alleged corruption in football. It seems that there were dodgy dealings surrounding the signing of Amdy Faye in 2003 and his subsequent sale to Newcastle 2 years later. This all sounds very murky, but how long has it taken the Stevens Inquiry to come up with this? Still, police haven't been messing about, as they have also arrested Pomopey's Chief Executive and the Milan Mandaric, Pompey's Chairman until last year.

Redknapp has denied any wrongdoing, but was unavailable for comment regarding his interest int he England job. The odds for Harry becoming the next England boss, have rather unsurprisingly lengthened.

Redknapp was previously questioned by police after the Panorama episode into football corruption, where he and Sam Allerdyce were portrayed as the 2 dodgist geezers at the top of the corrupt tree. The only incriminating evidence was a secret recording of Harry Redknapp saying that Andy Todd 'was a hard bastard' and he'd like to sign him. This is hardly the same kind of tapping up we saw witht he whole Cashley saga. Harry was right, anyway. Andy Todd is a hard bastard and is very good at knocking people out and administering a good old fashioned kick up the arse:

I blame the agents.