07 November, 2007

ASBO Hunters Extraordinaire

While it’s not STT’s bag to jump on the whole name-and-shame bandwagon, this chap is truly worthy of that kind of teenage girl theatrics.

During last night’s Champions League encounter at Celtic Park, Augustin Binya was sent off for Benfica in the game’s final minutes for simply one of the most horrific tackles in recent memory. How Scott Brown’s leg remained intact is a mystery, and perhaps testament to the bone fortifying strength of mainlining Irn Bru for the 24 hours preceding the match.

After the game, Brown quite rightly accused his opponent of deliberately trying to break his leg and has since urged UEFA to take further action against the Cameroonian player, who at the moment faces only a one-match ban for the incident.

Now there are hard challenges, and there are sheer vindictive strikes, and this tackle has to fall into the latter category. Like Ben Thatcher’s elbow on Pedro Mendes two seasons ago, this falls outside the realms of sheer football competitiveness, and you have to wonder what action would be taken if you did this to some guy outside the pub on a Friday night.

Yearlong ban? Lifetime ban? Amusing court verdict whereby Binya has to act as Brown’s butler for a month? Who’s to say. All we know is that this morning a UEFA spokesman confirmed: "This will be on the agenda of the next Control and Disciplinary Body meeting on November 15.”

See the glory of Celtic’s winner and the horror of Binya’s challenge here: