13 November, 2007

Wick to Wembley

As the FA Cup got properly underway this passed weekend, we at STT feel it’s now time to disperse a little bit of our internet spotlight onto another excellent blog worthy of your precious time. Masterfully called ‘Wick to Wembley,’ its an attempt to regain a little bit of grass roots football magic following site runner ‘Sniffer’ as he embarks on an epic journey to capture the entire spectrum of the FA Cup.

His mission statement is simple: go and watch your local club (Wick in this case) in the Extra Preliminary Round of qualifying in August and then, whichever team wins, go and see them in the next round, and whoever wins that, follow them into the next stage…and so on and so forth…all the way to Wembley! The theatre of dreams. The palace of hope. The mansion of cheese.

It’s a cracking idea, and as you can see from the site yourself, he faces a trip to Cambridgeshire and the glamorous prospect of Cambridge United v Weymouth next up in the second round, having already endured Dartford, Camberley, Bromley and Eastbourne among others. Anyway enough drivel, set your face to ‘smile’ and check out his exploits here.