29 August, 2008

Anyone know what “I’m rich and have plenty of cars, so you might as well” is in Swedish?

The Spoiler reported quite an odd story the other day. Apparently the reason that former world player of the year Ronaldinho forgot to actually play football during the Olympics was that he was too distracted by a certain female footballer. Word is that the now-unspectacular Brazilian ended his time in Beijing by asking 24-year-old Swedish international Johanna Almgren to marry him. Ever the romantic, the buck-toothed one actually popped the question through his translator, but not before laying on his trademark sleezy moves: “Ronaldinho came over to me, look me directly in the eyes, then took my hand and kissed it. Later on, his interpreter asked me to come up to his room,” Almgren unenthusiastically recalled.

Soon after she turned down the generous offer to see his undoubtedly sex-drenched suite, Ronnie’s translator skipped head to the main event and just outright asked the blonde Göteborg FC winger if she fancied a life of servitude and niche sexual kinks. When the interpreter said to Johanna that Ronaldinho would like to marry her, she apparently phrased the body-swerve in the most sensible yet delicate manner that ladies often choose when faced by the unappealing prospect of pulling a man who looks like a failed medical experiment: “I immediately said no,” was her succinct summation. So she’s got a pretty big forehead, but he’s not exactly in a place to start criticizing other people’s looks is he? She isn’t too bad for a female (non-Volleyball) athlete and the muscular pictures of her barging other chicks out of the way certainly add to the appeal.

Finally, in other Ronaldinho-related news, it seems that his arrival in Milan has not gone down to well with fellow Brazilian maestro Kaka. The current world player of the year is apparently a little put-out at the underwhelming business done at AC during the summer, but more so at the decadent lifestyle employed by Ronaldinho. Kaka is a devout Christian who does not approve of Ronnie's notoriously hedonistic lifestyle, and is concerned with the direction Milan are taking, reported The Daily Facist today. Could this mean the man is finally on his way to Chelsea? Watch this space…


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