05 May, 2008

Zizou to Loftus Road?

Reports coming from that most reliable source, the Sunday People, suggest that Flavio Briatore is trying to persuade Zinidine Zidane to become QPR's new manager. These revelations come on the heels of a schizophrenic season, with QPR flirting with relegation early on, before pulling some decent results out and finishing in the relative comfort of lower mid table mediocrity. Rangers could lay claim to the title of richest club in the world at the moment, enjoying the backing of Lakshmi Mittal and his whopping $45 billion fortune and the board are looking to attract Premiership level talent to mount a serious promotion charge next year.

Zidane could make a new home in West London with ease, as the town's most fashionable address, Batman Close is within spitting distance of the stadium. Shepherd's Bush Green is the last bastion of the West to remain untouched by gentrification and he could buy knock-off smokes down the market, while hanging out and drinking cans of spesh by the swings. He may also do a bit of football management while he's between vices.

In more realistic news, it appears that Tottenham's Radek Cerny may be QPR bound, having not completely displaced Paul Robinson as number one. He would replace roly-poly funman and fan's favourite Lee Camp and is said to be looking at a two year deal.

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