15 May, 2008

A new WAG on the Horizon

For those of you unfamiliar with this chap Sergio Ramos, he’s a young Spanish defender who plays for Real Madrid, and is really rather good. So good in fact that reportedly Chelsea are swimming around him, with an extortionate bid of £50million currently on the table if rumours in Spain are to be believed. Aside from actual footballing ability, he brings much more to the table though: he has plenty of tattoos, including one just above his joystick, and one depicting the dates of the terrorist attacks in Madrid and New York; he has a little dog named Odi; and his Madrid team-mates affectionately nickname him ‘gyspy’ because of his understandable love for flamenco music. On a more personal level, I’ve always thought that Sergio Ramos would make a very convincing woman, with his thin hips, long beautiful blonde hair and delectably high cheek-bones. In a dress he would be quite the confusing proposition because on paper he has everything I normally look for in a lady-friend.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there because apparently very hot girls also value those attributes in him, as evidenced here by 2006’s Miss Spain, Elizabeth Reyes. The hot couple were recently snapped in lager-lout paradise the Algarve, and Ramos looks like he was trying to fit in with so-called British fashion by dressing like a complete muscle-beach homo. She’s clearly feeling it though so I guess he probably doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks. Why don’t normal girls like these kind of looks, only insanely fit European models who I’ll never get to meet? Let’s hope he moves to Chelsea and then she’ll at least be in the same city limits as me…


Anonymous said...

They've been broken up since february. Shame they were a hot couple.

Rumor is he's dating a woman 10yrs older. But shes gorgeous.

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