07 May, 2008

Couple of Couples

Over the last few years we’ve seen Posh Spice dress up in a variety of truly shite outfits, that don’t really do her pretty average looks any good. Now, skinny as she’s ever been, Mrs Beckham has decided that the big look for summer 2008 is Dracula, or a Geisha if you kind of squint. Now I’m not really sure which is better, because to be honest that’s like choosing a favourite between the clap and hemaerroids, but girls if you’re reading, I suggest you go buy a copycat dress and all the trimmings as soon as possible. Inhuman looking face? Check. Weird Elvis throwback hair-style? Check. See-through lingerie appearance made classy by thick collar and thigh-high slit? Double check.

The occasion for the unveiling of this monstrosity, undoubtedly worth thousands of dollars and designed by some guy who goes by just the one name, was not alas Halloween, but ironically the Costume Institute Gala, which the press release tells me is “the hottest ticket in the fashion calendar.” So-called A-listers and their designer pals jostled for space on the red carpet as they showed off their not-slutty-enough frocks and toy-boy eye candy. Plenty of honeys were in attendance too; Gisele whateverhersurnameis, Scarlett Johansson and even Kate Moss shook their metaphorical stuff, while the Beckhams were too busy rubbing shoulders with professional crazies Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. He choose to go for the very ‘now’ serial-killer-doctor style, while the former Dawson’s Creek wet-dream instead preferred to go for the increasingly popular orange alien look. Stick to hanging out with Snoop Dogg Becks, he’s way cooler.

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