09 May, 2008

Yay, Ashley's all Grown Up!

Obviously not, but, you know, baby steps eh. The infamous Mr Cole made a tentative step back into the nightclub scene last night for the first time since he was caught cheating on Cheryl, with a trip to circle-jerk hotspot Chinawhite last night. While streetwise pals, including Michael Essien, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Jon Obi Mikel, partied around him, informants watched the Chelsea star act like a jess, only drinking Red Bull, and chat with just male friends while a paid minder fended off the girls queuing up (obviously) to try and get off with him. The minder reportedly spent four hours going from girl to girl in the Mayfair club telling all ladies present “to stop staring, Ashley isn’t interested,” to which the popular response was apparently apathetic to say the least. Without a single hint of irony, an alleged friend of the star said: “Ashley’s going out with a more mature crowd as he wants to show his more responsible, adult side. He’s going to keep going out, but he’s going to be keeping a low profile.”

Cheryl meanwhile, is on tour with Girls Aloud in Glasgow, setting jaws to ‘drop’ with every pirouette and star jump. The rest of the troop actually scrubbed up pretty damn nice too as you can see from the accompanying pictures, with even the ‘other two’ looking damn well good enough to throw a casual shot into. In an awesome art-imitating-life moment, some clever bod in the Girls Alound entourage even came up with the idea of a topical cover for the delectable Cheryl to belt out during this current tour. Sorry to ruin it, but she has been poignantly dedicating a cover of the Pretenders’hit I’ll Stand By You to “anyone who is going through a hard time at the moment.” I can feel a tear welling up…

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