21 March, 2008

Das Bundesliga's Most Hated Player, aka 'Der Grosste Stinkstiefel'

In a recent popular vote, fans of Germany's highest league voted for Mark van Bommel as their least favourite player, dubbing him the biggest Stinkstiefel, or 'the biggest stinking boot'. The arrogant Dutchman has royally pissed off German fans with his array of skills, such as petulance and general dickheadness, which he has honed during his time in the national Dutch squad. National sides like to play games when they meet up for big competitions or qualifying games, as seen by the England squad's name checking of song titles during interviews at the 2002 World Cup, but when the Oranje meet up, select members organise competitions to see who can be the biggest jackass, playing games like 'pin the tail on the homeless', 'pissing in Ruud's water bottle' and the popular 'sexually assault the referee'. Check this vid for evidence of his silliness:

Van Bommel's petulance is reminiscent of a teenage Wayne Rooney, whose sarcastic applauding of Kim Milton Nielsen during a Champion's League game in Spain got him his two yellows in the space of seconds. Rooney was a very precocious 19 year old then, whereas van Bommel is 30 years old and really should know better. At least he realised he was being a knobjockey and trotted off the pitch fairly swiftly.

STT is going into hibernation this possibly snowy Easter, but we'd like to know who you think deserves the Premiership's title of 'biggest stinking boot'. There's a poll in the sidebar for all you democracy nuts.

Enjoy Superuperduper Sunday!