12 March, 2008

From Middlesbrough to Hollywood

Abel Xavier is probably best known not for any distinct footballing ability (although he does have Benfica, PSV, Liverpool, Galatasaray and Roma on his rather lengthy CV) but instead for his rather eccentric beard and hair combinations. Known affectionately as ‘Bog brush’ around the English clubs he has played for, Xavier is now luxuriating out in L.A. playing for the Galaxy with David Beckham, but apparently he has had time to branch out into the major source of embarrassment for many professional footballers: acting.

Set your ears to ‘stun’ because forthcoming this year as the first movie on the M2: The Second Power Productions slate is Without Fear, a brutal yet touching tale of crime and street justice, with Abel Xavier co-staring as the mysterious Hitman character. Experienced tea boy Fabian Carrillo headlines as tough cop Frank Roman, the moral compass of the piece, who struggles against Xavier’s employer Diego Morales, a Mexican drug kingpin, who is responsible for the death of his wife. Many of the undoubted twists and turns of the piece are still under wraps, but with Arthur Anderson, the first assistant director from 2005’s remake of Bewitched, making his directorial debut from a James Becket script, you just know sparks are gonna fly!

Here then is the studio’s press release on the movie just to whet your appetite a little bit, it’s gonna be incredible, I can just feel it. STT is particularly looking forward to meeting Roman’s partner Eric; nothing draws us into the cinema these days more than an ethnic sidekick, especially if they are described as a “ragin Cajun”…

‘Growing up on the mean streets of the Bronx was nothing compared to what top cop FRANK ROMAN has to deal with when after Katrina he moves to New Orleans with his Cajun wife ANGEL and daughter MIA. When his wife is cruelly murdered, it's his love for his 8 year old daughter that keeps him afloat. With his ragin' Cajun partner ERIC they've been after Mexican crime boss, DIEGO MORALES, who's been muscling into the Southeastern US. Failing to bust him for drugs, they discover his real business with Russian partners is the sex slave trade of women and children, the fastest growing international crime. And Frank crosses paths with the beautiful MONICA, an undercover FBI agent, whom Frank thinks works for Diego. When Frank foils the plan of Diego, he accidentally kills Diego's son who is following in his father's foot steps. Diego swears revenge on Frank and promises to kill everything he loves. When Diego kidnaps Mia, Frank swears to kill each one responsible. And no one can stop him!’