04 March, 2008

Guns are bad yeah, get me

Leather berets off to Ian Wright. He has decided to use his celebrity status to make a stand against the latest infection currently oozing it’s way through the country’s urban streets. Yes, Ian Wright really doesn’t like guns or knives, and encourages you to join him in saying an emphatic “NO!” to violent crime…unless it’s being glamorized in the movies anyway. Teaming up with the black-on-black-crime-focused ‘Operation Trident’ unit at the Metropolitan Police, Wrighty has been encouraging teenage students to look for more from life than street respect and loads of disposable income from dealing drugs. Wrighty grew up in a tough area himself, and recalled stories of fights and violence to the stunned pupils at Quintin Kynaston School, near his home in North London, before finishing the rags-to-riches tale with his rise to superstardom at Arsenal. The ex-plasterer told us (via The Sun) that: “Kids this age can easily get caught up in crime so you have to do what you can to let them know that there is no benefit in that way of life.”

Assuming that not everyone can become a professional footballer though, living out a smaller-scale version of Scarface in Tower Hamlets certainly does have quite a lot of appeal. Chicks love cars and m0ney and power, plus having blood spatter on your clothes is ‘the new black.’ While obviously no-one is condoning unprovoked assault and murder on innocent bystanders, ace HBO drama The Wire has taught us that “the game is the game” and as long as everyone involved knows the risks, guns and knives are cool. If things really get out of hand, we can just hire Batman for the weekend anyway…