18 March, 2008

Chinese People are Really, Really Weird

How else do you explain this full-size human fooseball game set up outside a department store in Hangzhou, in the Zhejiang Province, this past weekend?

STT was sent literally just these three photos in an unlabelled envelope this morning, so any information we gave you would be pure speculation at best. It would be easy to spin a yarn about a Bond-esque villain capturing locals to take part in some kind of sick charade for his own personal amusement, but in reality, the explanation is probably even stranger.

If it’s for charity, why not just play regular football? If it’s for bragging rights, why not play regular table fooseball? I just don’t understand. Maybe one of our thousands of Chinese readers out there can fill in the blanks. Does this kind of thing happen often? Is there a league? Do they need any pacey foreign imports to liven the game up? If so, e-mail contact details are on your right, and I’m yours for £135,000 a week.