19 September, 2007

WAGS are Fun!

It has been a long time coming but finally, after many hard nights of research, STT would like to present our official compilation of the hottest WAGs currently sapping the bank accounts of your favourite European stars. Rather than try to rank them in any particular order, what follows is simply a list because quite frankly, they are all just unbelievably hot. Also, we have deliberately not included the two most famous WAGs currently on the circuit, namely Posh and Cheryl, because well, Posh looks like a bucket of melted lego these days and everyone already knows that Cheryl is literally the perfect woman. Anyways…if you feel the need, please send us some more pics to review of your personal number one to the e-mail address below, and if we missed anyone vital out, please do not hesitate to bombard us with as many photos of them as humanly possible! Enjoy, and don’t let anyone ever say that STT has never done anything for you…

Deco bought Jacaira Manda at a flea market back home in Brazil and isn't letting her go

Francesco Totti gets married to fiancee Ilary Blasi every day, just to show her Mob Boss father how much money he has

Luis Figo recently upset his missus Helen Svedin by asking her to run Mancini a bath. Her clothed photos are hard to find on the interwebs

Giselle Santa Cruz wishes she were as cool, or as hot as her husband Roque. She owns a range of pimp cups

Elisabetta Canalis is as likely to be penetrated by Rob Schneider as Chritian Vieri these days

Kaka is a true gentleman. The guy believes in God and all that no-sex-before-marriage-thing, so we don't blame him for this sort of behaviour, even if it is in front of the paps. Oh, she's called Caroline or something

David Trezeguet couldn't hit water from a boat these days, but it's lucky that some women, such as Beatrice (pronounced Bee-ah-tree-che) are more interested in money than talent

Anders Svensson needs to keep this one close to his chest. Anine Bing has a much better rack than name

And back down to earth we come with a bump. As if Kovac's fizzog wasn't enough to put you off your toast, his wife Anica saving grace is that she looks like a low-currency Eva Longoria

Gianluigi Buffon's ladyfriend Alena Seredova is renowned throughout Italy for her patience. For it is she who applies Gigi's pomade every day. She also makes Italian Match of the Day more watchable

Aida Yespica is a world famous model, from a region of Venezuela famed for its beautiful women. Why she has anything to do with Adrian Mutu is a mystery

Christian Karembeu always looked a bit like a cartoon lion and now he's setting the world on fire by scouting for Harry Redknapp. He makes up for such shortcomings by having an amazingly tall and attractive wife called Adriana

Last but not least is Abigail Clancy. Her on-off relationship with Liverpool joker Peter Crouch regularly comes up in the red-tops, but she couldn't care less. An old fashioned girl, she and Crouchatron communicate solely by fax. Just because it's got an X in it doesn't make it sexy