15 September, 2007

Obscure South American De La Semana Uno

Name – Frederico Chaves Guedes a.k.a ‘Fred’

Affiliation – Olympique Lyonnais a.k.a ‘Lyon

Reason for coolness – Upon moving to France, the president of Lyon recommended that Fred cut his hair before his first game. After a successful debut with his new stream-lined look, he agreed with the recommendation: "I am lighter, and I score more goals!" Also, his favourite food is barbeque.

Reason for Obscurity – When you heard the name Fred, you thought it was just the guy that helped you with plumbing the dishwasher in last year. Or Fred Dibnah. See also: Cris (Lyon) and Alex (Chelsea, formerly of PSV Eindhoven).

For some reason, as a Brazilian, if you don’t play for one of the major Italian or Spanish club sides, it is just assumed that you can’t really be that good. But as Fred is now a mainstay in the national team’s forward line, ahead of the likes of ‘Big’ Ronaldo and Adriano, and has won back to back French league titles with Lyon, it’s clear that he can play a bit.

Beginning his professional career at América Mineiro in his native Brazil, Fred held a formidable record of 34 league goals in just 57 matches, also famously scoring the fastest goal ever in Brazilian football after only 3.17 seconds against Vila Nova Futebol Clube. Check it here, and prepare a smile for his unique celebration -

Following a further successful spell at Cruzeiro, in December 2005 Fred was named winner of the prestigious Brazilian Bola de Ouro (Championship Player of the Year) after scoring an incredible 40 goals in 43 league matches for the traditional old club. This feat obviously raised a few European murmurs, and it wasn’t long before he crossed the pond to link up with fellow Brazilian maestro Antônio Augusto Ribeiro Reis Júnior, a.k.a Juninho, at the increasingly impressive Lyon.

Since joining Lyon, Fred has continued his prolific scoring rate, averaging almost a goal every other game alongside the exceptional talents of Juninho, Malouda and Carew as Lyon romped to their fifth and sixth consecutive French league titles.

Finally, if you think that Fred doesn't deserve STT's inaugural 'Obscure South American De La Semana', then wrap your eyeballs round this:

Sorry about the frenchness. I think you'll find it's worth it.