05 September, 2007

The Championship has mad skills

At STT, we're big proponents of the 5th biggest league in Europe - The Championship. Some people don't give a monkeys about The Real LeagueTM, claiming that it's a poor man's Premiership, despite dream matchups like Barnsley vs. Colchester on a wet Saturday in Essex. However, there is no such thing as a 'big' or a 'small' team in this league and, although teams can consistently finish in similar positions year after year, relegation and promotion are still potential outcomes for all teams entering the season, not just a select upper echelon. That makes it exciting! Plus, since nice nearly half this year's league teams have enjoyed Premiership football in the last decade or so, every point truly counts.

We now present to you a few moments of magic from the past month. It's a shame tricks don't convert into England caps, otherwise Frank Lampard might be out of a job:

Belated respect for the sadly departed Ray Jones, who shows us what he could do around the minute mark.