17 June, 2008

Hot Girls Sunbathing

I don’t know about you but I just love seeing members of the England team finally able to enjoy some free time. It’s been such a hard season, thank god they can relax on a beach somewhere and not worry about shit like international competitions and pride. I’m glad that none of them even seem bothered to follow Euro ’08, because we all know that it’s an ultimately pointless tournament without the 1966 World Cup winners. Now obviously I don’t think that Fabio Capello should have the team locked up in some Guantanamo Bay-style prison doing drills, but it’d be nice if at least a couple of them seemed to care, and responded with the same feeling of shame as the general public.

Anyway, let’s first take a look at Stevie G, who is enjoying Miami with wife Alex Curran as they celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The pair reportedly snubbed the social event of the decade (Wayne and Coleen’s wedding of course) to go eye-kissing around South Beach so here then are a couple of snaps of the Liverpool captain and his faithful WAG luxuriating. Just try not to look at her face. Or him.

Jetting across to Ibiza then we find probably one of the funniest snaps I have seen for some time. Yes, that is Fat Lampard dressed up like a pre-teen girl on her way to ballet. There’s no real story here, just that his wife is pretty hot and he’s a tool. I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt by saying he’s maybe lost a bet, but this ain’t a lads holiday, he’s literally just there with his family.

Finally, on a completely non-England related note, Spurs captain Robbie Keane has just married a ridiculously hot Irish model called Claudine Palmer and she doesn’t mind strolling around Sardinia wearing just a bikini. The pair exchanged vows earlier this month in Dublin surrounded by plenty of pals. The Irish guys clearly all like each other with is nice to see; among the guests were Damien Duffy, Shay Given, Gary Breen, Gary Kelly, Ian Harte and Richard Dunne. Which England colleagues attended Wayne Rooney’s wedding again? Oh yeah, Wes Brown and Michael Carrick. Great.

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