18 June, 2008

Good News for Gazza

Finally things might be taking an upturn for Paul Gascoigne, as today he has been reportedly offered a football lifeline by coaching the Philippines squad. I’m sure most of you, like us, have watched the slow decline of the last great English footballing icon with remorse and emotion. It’s just such a sad state of affairs, but hopefully this opportunity to get involved again in football will stop his gradual decline into, well, insanity.

The Philippines, made up of more than 7,000 small islands in the Pacific, believe a comeback into the game would help Gazza kick his alcohol addiction for good, and restore some semblance of routine and reality. Leo Jensen, from the Philippine Football Agency UK, told the Daily Star today: “We want Gazza to get back on his feet, and he needs football back in his life. I believe he needs a challenge – and we need a coach – so he would be perfect. One of the reasons he’s down is because he’s waving goodbye to football, so we need to get him back on the pitch again.”

There are high hopes of tempting Gazza out of retirement to help the Philippines establish a professional and organized national team: “We are in contact with him and believe he could be the right man to coach us,” Jensen continued. “He has a lot of experience, has done coaching and has been in China so he knows the Asian game. We want to bring him back to football, and that is what he really wants. Everyone would love to see him back and with his name he can fill stadiums. Not only will Filipinos turn up to see the national team, they will also be there to see Gazza.”

The squad already includes players who ‘star’ in the Chelsea, Everton and Fulham reserves in this country, but as part of the re-branding of football out in that part of the world, Jensen is also appealing for talented players in Britain who have a Filipino parent to get in touch. If this applies to you, or if you fancy yourself as a somewhat gifted fraudster, drop them a line on the www.pfauk.net website.


albionroad said...

Sorry to be the cynic and as much as I feel for the guy this just seems so improbable. The job of bringing the standard of football in the Philippines up to even the level of say Thailand or Vietnam (who themselves are crap) would take long, hard, detail-oriented work.

Does this sound like Gazza to you?

sp3ktor said...

Sadly, this sounds like those things you tell kids when the family's dog's just died. "Gazza's gone to live on a farm, far away. He'll be very happy there but we can't go and visit him."

Anonymous said...

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